Everyone hates pests and I mean everyone! It seem like every winter when the weather gets cold outside, the leaves have fallen, and you just wanna stay inside by the fire. Well, during the time you are cozy by the fire, some fire ants are making themselves cozy in your attic where they have found a nice cozy spot to hangout.
Stop these lil guys from camping on your property! Or who knows, maybe you are up in Arizona where you have scorpions in your basement. Well, it comes to a time where you got to handle these guys like a man.

Here are 5 easy ways to get rid of pests:

1) Raccoon removal:

One of the most common animal pests in the United States are racoons. These guys can live anywhere and I mean anywhere! They are very sneaky and only come out at night. Sometimes, they are skiddish and are rarely seen. Other types of coons are more tame and don’t mind being around humans.

No matter what type of coons you are having trouble with, there’s always an easy way to get rid of them without a mess. Trapping them in a wire pest cage. First, you bait it up. Cat food, marshmallows, tuna, and peanut butter work really well. Anything will attract racoons if they are hungry enough. After baiting up the cage, set the trap in an area of high use. Overnight, plan on trapping the first racoon. Take it in to your local wildlife control center and they’ll handle it from there. Rinse and repeat for remaining racoons!

2) Wasp/hornet traps

One of the most annoying things at an outdoor event are wasps and hornets. No one ever likes them and many times it scares people out of the area. An easy do-it-yourself method for wasps is to build a honey trap. You take an old soda bottle and cut the bottle in half.

Overlap the two pieces of the bottle and cut little holes for the wasps to enter. Pour honey in the bottom of the bottle. The wasps and hornets will enter that bottle and get stuck in the honey. After a couple days or weeks, it will fill up and the honey will look dark brown. Change out the honey and catch more!

3) Scorpions

If you want to kill scorpions the easy way, you do an easy three step processes. Shine a Blacklight to find them, spray them with instant repellent, and use gloves to discard the insect. This is the fastest and most effective method. Most of the time, scorpions are scattered in dark places hard to see or find.

They do a great job of being stealthy. If you have a few on your property, you will be fine using the black light method. If you have more than just a few, you could have a dangerous situation in which you would want to contact a professional pest control service.

4) Spiders

I like to call this one the old duct tape trick. You see the heater vents scattered among your house? Well if you have any vents at ground level, which chances are you do, here is an easy way to trap spiders before they startle you. Take either double sided tape, or duct tape that has been looped around to be sticky on both sides.

Stick this tape around the perimeter of all your vents. Most of the time, your spiders use your vents for their travels because they’re dark. Well now, you will catch them before they can enter or exit your vents.

5) Bed Bugs

If you are noticing bed bugs, here’s an old method that I have never tried, but many people have success with. Basically, you take vinegar and pour it on your mattress. Usually a half gallon for a queen size bed. Let the mattress dry. After a few days, the vinegar smell will go away and so will your bed bugs.

Make sure you also wash your sheets and blankets with hot water and make sure the carpets are freshly cleaned. Use a carpet cleaning service at least once a year on all your carpets to prevent bed bugs or any other type of visitors in your home.

Well, that wraps up our 5 easy ways to keep the pests out. We hope you learned something. Until next time…

Are auto club memberships worth it?  Ask anyone who’s used theirs and they’d tell you yes. Or, look at MCA reviews and you’ll also be convinced: people dig’ em. 

For a tire change, dead battery or even just a lockout, an auto club is well worth the response you get when you’re under duress and need your car to be made accessible right away.

But there’s a whole range of options to choose from, and the times have changed too.  It used to be the choice was easy: AAA was all there was.  Now, the landscape has changed and everyone seems to be offering auto clubs…cell phone companies, your car insurance company, and even your credit card.

There’s something to be said for every plan, but experts will tell you to consider a full-service club.  According to Consumer Reports:

“Consider a full-service auto club plan, such as those offered by AAA, the GM Motor Club, AARP, and the Better World Club if your family has more than one car or if you must cover more than one driver.”

-Consumer Reports

MCA Motorclub is a full service auto club plan.

Like those mentioned by Consumer Reports, MCA Motorclub offers a lot more than just changing flats, a jump, and retrieving locked up keys.  Their basic plan offers roadside assistance plus enticing extras like:

  • attorney fees
  • planning and travel reservations
  • accidental death benefits
  • bail bonds
  • discounts on prescription drugs
  • discounts on vision care
  • discounts on dental care
  • daily hospital benefit
  • credit card protection

The prescription drug benefits alone could end up paying for the membership.  The dental is good too: the average U.S. citizen pays $38 a month in dental services.  With a basic MCA Motorclub plan costing about half that, it seems to be a real deal.  Worth it?  Yes.

If you do pay a lot for prescription drugs, you might also think the premium plans are worth it as well.  The “security platinum” package offers legal discounts and auto-related discounts on top of the rest.  It’s $39.00 per month and if you’re the average citizen paying $119 per month in pharmaceuticals then you might save a huge bundle with MCA Motorclub.

Why using your insurance company’s roadside assistance or towing benefits could cost you way more in the long run

Consumer Reports also warns that some motor clubs report your claims to your insurance company.  Many auto insurers will raise your premium if you use your roadside assistance benefits too often!  Some auto insurers will even take this data into consideration when considering you for eligibility for coverage.  MCA Motorclub is not your insurance company- it’s just your auto club. Just like mapreview.org is not your advertising end-all, but more of a spot to hedge your advertising business.

About MCA Motorclub

MCA Motorclub has been around since 1926.  It’s sold via direct selling and offers independent business owners a chance to earn income should they show affinity for selling memberships.  Associates get their own website for selling, plus business tools for around $20 per year.  The benefits of membership in the MCA Motorclub total over $150,000.  According to their website, there are currently over 7 million members.

Are you looking for a perfect networking opportunity that will help you earn good money?

If your answer was yes, there are many opportunities out there you can work with. However, with so many opportunities available, it’s best to know how to choose one that fits you best.


How To Choose A Network Marketing Company?

Here are a few characteristic to take in consideration before joining a MLM business and having success in network marketing:

How long have the company been in business

It is advisable to work with a networking firm that has a track record in the market. This is the only way that your efforts will pay off for a long time.

Look for a company with more than six years of experience. A company that has been around for some time can give you more security and  confidence about building a down line with an organization that can sustain itself in the market, since most firms in the network marketing industry unfortunately have a 2 year life spam.

Company resources

Its best to work with a firm that has the resources required for it to grow, attract more clients, adapt to changing technology and pay commission.

Uniqueness of the products and services provided

To earn high commission in network marketing, you should work with a company that offers unique products and services, this way you don’t struggle with competition. The products and services should be unique in a way that customers will be attracted to them and interested in buying every month. This is why we find companies and opportunities that have a strong produce line in a much better class of success and results. Empower Network is one such MLM marketing program to be creating those results for their respective members and affiliates.

Demand of the product or service

Its a good idea to ask yourself whether the product or service offered is in high demand in the market place and if X firm offers great value to customers. Additionally take in consideration that products or services must be provided at a reasonable price. Take time to look at whether there is an untapped market looking for what you are selling. As always there are laws to adhere to to make sure you are not being deceptive or misleading about your product’s benefits and advantages to take into consideration.

Sustainability of the service or product

It is good to consider whether the product or service you provide is sustainable. if you are planning to create along term business is good to project yourself many years in the future and find out whether the product or service you offer will still be valuable to the customers in the future.

This will ensure you earn long term income in your networking efforts. Be cautious about programs like Dubli Network who may seem hot at the moment, but are in a grey area when it comes to being under review by legal governing bodies in the network marketing laws space.

Digital Products

Now days with the many changes and the opportunities technology offer us, there are even network marketing companies that offer digital and information products.These are a good business models if you are technically savvy and enjoy working with computers.